Mark McNairy doesn’t say much.

The man who revived the red brick sole is now almost as renowned for his blunt single sentence interview answers in caps lock as for his pattern-heavy collections. Reading a McNairy profile one would assume that he operates as a lone wolf, the sort of designer who prefers to remain in his own head free from any outside influences, but this is hardly the case. For McNairy, his main New Amsterdam label encompasses just one (albeit large) slice of his portfolio, the rest of which is comprised of collaborations, large and small, predictable and obscure, that have became paramount to his standing as one of America’s best known designers. Over the past few years McNairy has worked with everyone from rappers to a brewery to a Japanese street wear store to a legendary American label. While it would be tough to catalog every single collaboration McNairy has been a part of since stepping out on his own, we’ve done our best to compile a year’s worth of McNasty partnerships, although we can’t guarantee he won’t drop anymore by the time you read this

For the first time since the sixties, Birkenstocks are back in fashion. The same can be said for those strappy technical sandals that had a moment in the 80s and the clompy plastic poolsides that dominated (kind of) in the 90s.

Worn with tube socks at Givenchy; slim cut mohair suits at Prada and with technical parachute fabric trousers at Lanvin – sandals have never been cooler.

The reality is, though, that no matter how many designers send Birkenstock styles down the runway, and no matter how many club kids wear poolsides with pulled-up white sports socks down Peckham High Street, rocking a pair of sandals is a challenge for even the most style-conscious men.

Following our exclusive presentation of Cole Haan’s ZeroGrand in motion and the No-Stitch collection, we set out to produce an editorial featuring the lightweight shoe and its role in contemporary fashion. Juxtaposing the hybrid shoe against two distinct outfits, we highlight the ZeroGrand’s versatility – from Scandinavian seafaring style to a day in a modern European capital. Both the suede and no-stitch models show off their ability to complement the textures, details and colors of whatever they’re paired with. Check out the shoe in our roundup of 20 game-changing footwear soles and pick up your favorite model straight from the brand’s .